Breaking News: Bayh to Retire

February 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Breaking news: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana to retire.

Another prominent democrat to jump ship before it sinks!!!

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Reverend Wright’s Sermons Must have Been About Politics

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So the record is clear–for over twenty years, Michelle and Barack Obama attended the church overseen by Reverend Wright.  He baptized the Obama children and supposedly showed Obama the light of Christianity.  But we were told–like we were told a lot of things during the campaign–that the Obamas did not hear all the anti-white, anti-American spewings of Reverend Wright, just a lot of theology.

After all the outrage by Americans after seeing the videos of Reverend Wrights’ rants, the Obamas stopped visiting Reverend Wright’s church.  Then, of course, they moved to Washington.  So where do these Christian Obamas go to church now that they no longer visit Reverend Wright supposedly only for his theology–nowhere, they don’t go to church at all.

Surprise, surprise.  Now, I have to admit that I am not a frequent churchgoer.  But the Obamas told this story of being churchgoing Christians, converted by Reverend Wright’s theological message.  But now we know that, without Reverend Wright, they don’t go to church at all.  So, if the Obamas didn’t go to Reverend Wright’s church for the Christian theology, why did they go there?  Maybe it really was about his political message. 


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Breaking News: Rep. Murtha Dies

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) has died today of complications from gallbladder surgery at the age of 77.

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The Blue Dogs Are Getting Restless

January 24, 2010 2 comments

Finally, it appears that the Blue Dog Democrats in the Congress are getting worried.  I’m truly surprised that it took this long, but I don’t know why. 

These are Democrats which Pelosi and her gang managed to get elected in districts that are fairly to extremely conservative.  The Blue Dogs got elected, because they managed to convince their constituents that they were not that different from their Republican counterparts and that they would act moderately, as opposed to some of the spending-crazed Republicans of the recent past.

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But when the Blue Dogs came to Washington, they just lined up to march behind Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Oh, there are a few votes where Nancy allowed them to vote against her bills, but only when the votes weren’t needed.  All in all, they have signed up for the Liberal agenda.

But now we have seen Democrats getting hammered in districts which aren’t known for being at all conservative–New Jersey, Virginia and now, of all places, the very blue Massachusetts.  And so the Blue Dogs are apparently worried that they might not fare so well next time when they try to convince their votes that they are Moderates.

A case in point is Senator, Evan Bayh (D-Indiana), a longtime Moderate who, like all the Blue Dogs, has jumped whenever Harry Reid has asked him to do so.  He is now calling for President Obama to announce a freeze of all discretionary spending in the State of the Union address and to veto all spending which violates this pledge. 


There is not a chance in hell that Obama will listen to Evan Bayh, but they have never been political partners.  In fact, Obama is in the process of trying to propose another spending bill, a so-called “Jobs Bill” which no doubt will just throw money at “green” technologies that have no jobs or at efforts to save another species of tree frog.

Nevertheless, it is about time that Evan, and other supposed Moderates,  decided to speak out.  He must really be worried about his re-election.

Thanks again, Massachusetts!

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Dems Still Considering Reconciliation to Jam Health Care Through

According to Paul Ryan, Representative from Wisconsin, the Democrats are still considering using the Reconciliation process to try to ram through the Health Care bill without allowing a fillibuster to prevent it. 


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Supposedly, a number of Democrats are meeting this weekend to strategize and have, in now way, given up on their Bill. 

Our only hope is that some Blue Dog Democrats vote no due to the abortion funding provisions.  We’ll have to watch and see.

Obama May Visit Hiroshima – Why?

Obama has apparently indicated willingness to Japanese leaders to visit Hiroshima during an upcoming visit.  See:

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So why would an American President agree to visit Hiroshima?  It could be that Obama, like any Liberal, simply can’t turn down a chance to apologize for America, which he will certainly do. 

But I have a different theory.  For Obama to agree to go to Hiroshima now (especially after the Tuesday defeat for Democrats) is to certainly stir up a pot.  It is like having a dinner party and then announcing half-way through the evening that guests will be retiring to the living room to discuss abortion.  A party killer.

So my cynical self believes that Obama is going to do it to try to stir up the Right into getting upset about an issue that he knows is very devisive.  And then he can point to all the kooks (as he will perceive them) defending the dropping of the bombs to remind people how extreme the Republicans really are.  In this way, he will try to pull more young people and Independents back into his fold, since many of them have surely left. 

For whatever reason, Obama is going to Hiroshima, it is sure to cause a lot of consternation.  I think it will backfire on him.

A Video For Those Who Have Had Enough

Here is a fantastic video called, “American Rising:  An Open Letter to Democratic Politicians.” 

If you are angry and fed up, this video is for you, especially if you were conned into voting for Obama.  I would also add that this video should also be addressed to any Republicans who vote for the nonsense as well.

I have no knowledge of the organization that made this video, so I can’t warrant their motives or anything else that they might produce but the message is right on.